Age Groups:

PLEASE NOTE these age groups are expressed to align with the NZSSSC age guidelines.

For both boys and girls age groups are based on their age on 1st January in the year of the event:

  • Under 20 riders need to be 16, 17 or 18 on January 1st
  • Under 17 riders need to be 14 or 15 on January 1st
  • Under 15 riders need to be 12 or 13 on January 1st
  • Under 13 riders need to be 11 or younger on January 1st

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Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. I agree that I have entered this event at my own risk in all things including but not limited to accident, injury and any damage or loss of any kind to person or property.
  2. I agree that none of the organisers, sponsors, volunteers or any party associated with this event shall have any liability, financial or otherwise, which might arise, whether or not by negligence, from any direct or indirect loss or damage of property or person which might be sustained by me or any party directly or indirectly associated with me, from any intended or actual participation in this event or its related activities.
  3. I indemnify the organisers, sponsors , volunteers or any party associated with the event from any liability resulting from any act or failure to act on my part.
  4. I agree to abide by all race rules  and any  requirements included in the entry details as listed on the event entry form, website , programme and as advised at any time up to and including  during the event .For the avoidance of doubt this includes any instruction by  race marshals , course officials or medical staff.
  5. I authorise information given on this entry form and/or my voice and/or image may be used for promotional purposes.
  6. I confirm that I have made full disclosure of any matters that might affect my entry or participation in this event including any medical condition and that I authorise the release of this information in any circumstance that the organisers deem it necessary in their discretion.
  7. I accept that in the event that any “Act of God” or any circumstances beyond the control of the organisers result in the cancellation of this event, my total entry fee is not refundable.
  8. I accept that no refunds will be paid to any entrant who fails to participate or fails to complete the course for any reason.
  9. I acknowledge that the course organisation will be closed at 2:30pm on race day and that I must take responsibility for my actions and make my own arrangements for any support after this time.
  10. If aged under 17 I confirm I have parental consent for my entry and participation.
  11. I confirm I have read and agree to be bound by these conditions as part of my entry.

Payment Terms

  1. Your transaction will be made up of an entry fees of $50
  2. Once you have entered the event and completed the online transaction you will be sent an electronic confirmation advice notice to your nominated email address.
  3. The billing name on your credit card statement will be: Cycling Marlborough.
  4. Your race pack will NOT be sent out to you. These will be available to you at registration. Details of this are contained on the electronic confirmation advice and the event website.
  5. Refund: Your entry fee is non-refundable.
  6. Customer service contact details are:  cuddontour@cyclingmarlborough.co.nz
  7. All pricing for entries are displayed in New Zealand dollars.
  8. A Merchant’s website must communicate its Terms and Conditions to the cardholder during the order process and require the cardholder to select a “click to accept” or other acknowledgement button to accept the policy.
  9. Cancellation Policy: Once an order for entry has been made you cannot cancel it. Please refer to the refund policy.
  10. The website needs to be in English or if in a foreign language then English translations need to be displayed.
  11. Surcharge – All fees are built into the price of your entry fee so no surcharge fee will be added to your account. You will receive an electronic copy of the transaction you have made regarding this entry. This will be sent to the email address you have supplied in your login profile.

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