Cuddon Cycling Marlborough has contracted Andrew Jamieson of Fitlab to provide coaching advice and to oversee our development programme.

Training Plans

Currently there is one generic training plan, the intention is to build to at least three. You can change how many hours a week you intend to train and the start date of your training block in order to personalise it somewhat.

Where Do I Start?

To get started with a training plan it is a good idea to look ahead. If you are new to cycling, you may not have any long term goals yet, but the trick is to work back from an event (or series of events) and plan to go through both general and specific blocks of training in the months beforehand.

Generally around 8-16 weeks of the “General Preparation” plan and 8-12 of the “Specific Preparation” plan is required. The longer is generally better, especially with regard to the general preparation. These plans adjust training times based on the available training time you enter.

There is also a maintenance (or in season) training plan. This is a plan to maintain your form for a longer period of time such as several weeks of key races. Generally top form will only last a few weeks, but you could maintain most of that for a longer period with the maintenance (in season) plan.

General Preparation Plan 12 Weeks

Training Zones

For an explanation of the training zones and how they relate to other types of training zones, please check out the Training Zones Chart

Home Exercises

You may like to augment your riding with some stretches and exercises either daily or a few times a week to maintain flexibility and to build strength