Halls’ Take Palatchie Cups

Results Palatchie Cup Events 29th February (Awatere Valley Rd)
Open 47km Hcp- Warren Hall (off 12m) 1, Craig Anderson (off 7m) 2, Stephen Rooney (off 7m) 3, Mike Murphy (off 12m) 4, Nick Batt (off Scratch) 5. Fastest Time- N Batt (scr) 1h11m50s 1, Craig Harper (scr) 1h11m53s 2, Gerard van Antwerpen (scr) 1h12m30s 3.
Junior U17 13km Hcp- Matthew Hall (scr) 1, Andrew Hall (4m) 2. Fastest Time- M Hall (scr) 31m 25s 1.

McKenzie Sprints to Anderson Rosebowl Victory

The open grade 40km handicap event covered a course twice around the Benmorven/ Ridge/Godfreys Rd course. The very strong winds blew the field apart with the scratch riders dominating procedures. The 3 scratch riders hit the front with 8km to go when they pulled in Richard Olliver off the 3min break group. The ride home down New Renwick Rd was full on with speeds around 7okph. Jeremy McKenzie took line honours by about half a wheel over Gerard van Antwerpen followed in by Olliver and Craig Harper.
The junior under 17 grade Keighley Cup event over 18km saw lone scratch rider emulate his Dad’s feat, with a solo ride through the field, for line honours. Marcus Macdonald (off 8m) was second.
Anderswon Rosebowl 40km handicap event- J McKenzie (scr) 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) 2, R Olliver (3min) 3, C Harper (scr) 4, I Martella (7min) 5, A Gifford (3min) 6,  M Murphy (7min) 7, C Anderson (3min) 8, D Hodson (3min) 9. Fastest Time-  J McKenzie (scr) 1h05m03s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2, C Harper (scr) 1h05m04s 3, R Olliver (3min) 1h08m04s 4.
Keighley Cup 18km Hcp- F McKenzie (scr) 1, M Macdonald (8min) 2. Fastest Time- F McKenzie (scr) 36m26s 1.

Hall Takes Vincent Shield on Opening Day

The open grade rode over 5 laps (36km) of the Lower Wairau course for the opening day Vincent Shield handicap event. Front markers Warren Hall and Katie Batt (off 15m) teamed well together and with a well paced ride kept away from the chasing groups. A long sprint finish saw Hall take line honours and the Vincent Shield over Batt. Hall also won the trophy in 1984 and 2006. A good strong finish by Craig Anderson (off 6m) saw him take a well deserved third place 25 seconds ahead of the combined scratch and break groups. Gerard van Antwerpen took fastest time over co-marker Nick Batt.
The Junior under 17 grade saw scratch rider Finn McKenzie ride through the field for first and fastest time to retain the Opening Day Cup. Marcus Macdonald (off 6m) was second and Matthew Hall (off 6m) was third.
Open 36km  handicap event from Lower Wairau.
W Hall (off 15m) Vincent Shield 1, K Batt (off 15m) 2, C Anderson (off 6m) 3, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 4, N Batt (off scr) 5, F Greer (off 2m) 6, J McKenzie (off scr) 7, A Gifford (off 2m) 8, S Rooney (off 2m) 9, M Murphy (off 6m) 10. Fastest time- G van Antwerpen (scr) 54m55s 1, N Batt (scr) s.t. 2, J McKenzie (scr) 55m00s 3.  Junior 14km handicap- F McKenzie (off scr) 1, M Macdonald (off 6m) 2, M Hall (off 6m) 3. Fastest time- F McKenzie (scr) 27m39s 1.

Gifford Wins Sprint Finish

Andrew Gifford took the finishing sprint win from Logan Robb and Mike Murphy on a cold and wet day on the Tuamarina course. Adam Bidwell outsprinted scratch co-marker Gerard van Antwerpen for fastest time honours.

Results Saturday 1st June – Tuamarina
Open 40km  handicap event on Tuamarina/Rarangi course (Cool and wet conditions).
A Gifford (off 5m)  1, L Robb (off 5m) 2, M Murphy (off 5m) 3, C Anderson (off 5m) 4, C Lang (off 5m) 5. Fastest Time- Adam Bidwell (scr) 58m17s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2.


Well done to our club members who competed at the Age Group Nationals in Timaru last weekend. Good effort to all and especially the podium finishes from Martin, Jeannie, and Andrew B.
Katie Batt- Junior U17 Women- 18th TT, 17th Road Race.
Andrew Jamieson- Masters 3-12th Road Race.
Martin Fletcher- Masters 7- 2nd TT, 8th Road Race.
also Jeannie Blakemore (Cant TT Assn) Masters Women 3- 3rd TT
Ben Verhoef (Tasman Wheelers) Masters 7- 4th TT
Andrew Bidwell (Tasman Wheelers) U23 Men- 3rd TT, 3rd Road Race.
Adam Bidwell (Tasman Wheelers) Junior U17- 9th TT, 9th Road Race.

Andrew Hill Takes Championship Honours

The Marlborough 80km Open Championship was raced for at Fairhall on the Benmorven/Ridge/Godfreys Rd circuit in good fine conditions.
New rider Andrew Hill was moved back to scratch after his Pelorus Cup win from the break mark the previous week.  This did not deter him as he took first place and fastest time after scratch ran through the field on the last of four laps. Four of the six scratch riders remained for the finishing sprint with Hill just edging out Gerard van Antwerpen by inches on the line. Junior under 17 rider Adam Bidwell was third with Nick Batt 4th.
Results: Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 80km Open Championship- A Hill (off scr) Senior Title 1, G van Antwerpen (off scr) Masters Title 2, A Bidwell (off scr) Junior Under 17 Title 3, N Batt (off scr) 4, R Olliver (off scr) 5, M Murphy (off 12m) 6, M Fletcher (off 12m) 7, W Hall (off 20m) 8, C Lang (off 20m) 9. Fastest Time- A Hill (scr) 2h04m48s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2, A Bidwell (scr) 2h04m49s 3, N Batt (scr) 2h04m51s 4, R Olliver (scr) 2h08m44s 5.

New Rider Hill Takes Pelorus Cup

The Pelorus Cup was raced for on the Forrest Estate, Renwick to the top of Mahakipawa and return course in good sunny conditions until the latter part of the race when a cool drizzle of rain was felt. The 60km handicap event saw front runners Warren Hall and Graham Henderson clear until approximately 10km from home when they were caught by the strong break markers. New rider Andrew Hill and Jeannie Blakemore were powering the group along and giving the scratch markers a run for their money. The sprint for home saw Hill a clear winner from Hall, Andrew Gifford, Blakemore and Mike Murphy. Scratch were headed in several minutes later by Gerard van Antwerpen who took fastest time from Adam Bidwell and Richard Olliver.
Results: Pelorus Cup Cup 6okm- A Hill (off 6m) 1, W Hall (off 20m) 2, A Gifford (off 6m) 3, J Blakemore (off 6m) 4, M Murphy (off 9m) 5, G Henderson (off 20m) 6, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 7, A Bidwell (off scr) 8, R Olliver (off scr) 9. M Fletcher (off 9m) 10. Fastest Time- G van Antwerpen 1h30m25s 1, A Bidwell s.t. 2, R Olliver s.t. 3, A Hill 1h31m45s 4, A Gifford s.t. 5.