Volunteers for Tandem Biking and Guided Walking

Message from The Blind Foundation:

Tandem biking and guided walking is a great recreation option for people who are blind or have low vision, the freedom of getting out on a bike or out for a walk with the support of a sighted volunteer is hugely empowering for members. This can enable those who have had a love of biking or walking prior to sight loss to re-establish this pass time or for those who have never experienced biking, this can open a world of new opportunities. The Blind Foundation are looking for volunteers to support members with tandem biking and guided walking in the Marlborough area. Volunteering in this capacity could mean you could link up with a member on an evening or weekend for a ride or walk and the possibility of joining in with an organised group ride or walk. As a Blind Foundation volunteer you will receive training and support to insure you feel confident in supporting members to participate in these activities. We will facilitate the availability of the tandem bike and equipment needed to make this all possible. If sharing yourpassion of biking or walking is something you would be interested in, then we would love to connect with you.

Join us for a Blind Foundation Have-a-Go Day

Date: Tuesday 24th November 2015

Time: 4pm until 7pm (join us at any point over this time)

Where: Marlborough Netball Courts, Redwood Street, Blenheim

Join us for a great opportunity to meet with members and other volunteers, gain confidence in tandem biking and guiding in a safe environment and support a member to experience the Riverlands Rail Trail. If you are able to come for all or part of the time, we would love to see you.

Please contact:

Petronella Spicer – Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator , The Blind



Phone 03 375 4324 or 0800 24 33 33

Cell 027 808 3761

If you are unable to come but would still like to pilot a tandem, please do not hesitate to contact me.