Anderson Rosebowl, Keighley Cup, Ben Morven 23rd July 2016

The Ben Morven circuit was the scene of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s 4th race in the Winter Series for the Anderson Rosebowl and the Keighley Cup last Saturday afternoon.


Despite the forecast windy conditions a good number of riders presented themselves for the handicap races starting at Fairhall Hall, looping around the roads of the Ben Morven area. The long race, with the Anderson Rosebowl up for grabs took five laps of the 9km long course for a total of 45km, while the short race over 3 laps totalled 27km.


The riders were handicapped into three bunches, with a big limit group of 12 riders, of 11 minutes. Following them 8 minutes later, the second bunch was also quite large with 9 riders. The scratch group of five had to wait another three minutes before being allowed to start the chase of the rest of the field.


The increasing wind made riding tough and several riders got dropped from their bunches, however the remaining riders kept working together well which was crucial to their survival in the race.


Shaun Woods and Ben Verhoef attacked their bunch in the last lap, establishing a nice lead. Woods then rode away on his own in the last few km’s winning the Anderson Rosebowl with a 20 second margin over Verhoef, who stayed just in front of Merrick Thompson for 2nd place. The remaining riders were all split up in ones and two’s, with Chris Waller coming in 4th, ahead of Matt Straker. Another 30 seconds back were the remains of the second bunch, also blown to pieces in the last few km’s, led in by Sam Spencer and Susan van der Pol.


Meanwhile the scratch bunch was reduced to three in the 3rd lap, with the youngsters Sam Morgan and Andrew Bidwell and veteran Gerard van Antwerpen dropping their fellow markers in the strong side wind. They worked hard in the 2 remaining laps and passed many of the other dropped riders, however they were still 1m30s of the front of the race at the finish. Van Antwerpen beat Bidwell and Morgan, in that order, in the dash to the line and took fastest time honours.


The 27km short race and Keighley Cup, over 3 laps of the circuit, was won by Stacey Mitchell, who rode away in the final km’s from her fellow 4 minute markers, Jessica Spencer (2nd) and Hugh Straker (3rd). Adam Bidwell, starting with Katie Batt on the scratch mark, was still just under a minute back on the finish line. Bidwell dropped Batt in the final lap but both still got the fastest times of the day, with Mitchell being 3rd fastest.


This weekend racing is up the Waihopai Road, an individual time trial over 40km for the Vincent Cup for the fastest time and the Verhey Cup on a sealed handicap. Assembly at the beginning of Waihopai Vly road.



Long race, 45km and Anderson Rosebowl: 1 Shaun Woods (11m); 2 Ben Verhoef (11m); 3 Merrick Thompson (11m); 4 Chris Waller (3m); 5 Matt Straker (11m); 6 Sam Spencer (3m); 7 Susan van der Pol (3m); 8 Mike Murphy (3m); 9 Glen Herkt (3m); 10 Gerard van Antwerpen (SCR); 11 Andrew Bidwell (SCR); 12 Sam Morgan (SCR); 13 Dave Hutchison (11m); 14 Graham Mitchell (3m); 15 Richard Hill (11m); 16 Martyn Bruce (11m); 17 Rob MacLean (11m); 18 Rhonda Murphy (3m); 19 Matt Wells (SCR); 20 Greg Norton (11m);

Fastest time: 1 G van Antwerpen (1hr13m44s); 2 A Bidwell (1hr13m46s); 3 S Morgan (1hr13m46s); 4 C Waller (1hr15m40s); 5 S Spencer (1hr16m13s); 6 S van der Pol (1hr16m13s); 7 M Murphy (1hr16m27s); 8 G Herkt (1hr16m27s); 9 G Mitchell (1hr16m58s); 10 M Wells (1hr18m04s); 11 R Murphy (1hr19m47s); 12 S Woods (1hr23m10s); 13 B Verhoef (1hr23m30s); 14 M Thompson (1hr23m32s); 15 M Straker (1hr23m40s); 16 D Hutchison (1hr24m50s); 17 R Hill (1hr25m21s); 18 M Bruce (1hr26m03s); 19 R MacLean (1hr26m30s); 20 G Norton (1hr30m57s); D Nielson (DNF); I Martella (DNF); G Henderson (DNF); M Peart (DNF); D Hodson (DNF); C Grammer (DNF);


Short race, 27km and Keighley Cup: 1 Stacey Mitchell (4m); 2 Jessica Spencer (4m); 3 Hugh Straker (4m); 4 Adam Bidwell (SCR); 5 Katie Batt (SCR);

Fastest time: 1 A Bidwell (55m48s); 2 K Batt (57m26s); 3 S Mitchell (58m44s); 4 J Spencer (58m58s); 5 H Straker (59m23s);