Vincent and Verhey Cups, TT Waihopai Vly. 30th July 2016

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s 5th race in the Winter Series, an individual time trial, was ridden on the Waihopai Valley Road last Saturday afternoon. Trophies up for grabs in the open category were the Vincent Cup for fastest time and the Verhey Cup for the sealed handicap section.

The rainy forecast for the afternoon possibly kept a few riders away, resulting in a small field. The rain didn’t come though and conditions ended up being cool but not much wind, favourable for some respectable times in the races over 40km for the open grade and 16km for the junior under 17 riders.

The Vincent Cup, for fastest time, went to Nick Batt, who put in a solid performance, staying within the hour with a time of 59minutes and 26seconds. Batt made the difference in the first half of the race, and had a comfortable lead of around 1m13s at the turn over Craig Harper, and over 2 minutes to Dylan Hodson.

Interestingly it was Hodson who clocked the fastest time for the second half of the race, on the slightly downhill section on the way back from the turn point up the valley. His 26m42s for this averaged out to be just shy of 45km/hr, Batt was a mere 6 seconds slower, while Martin Fletcher and Ben Verhoef were also close, at 12 and 24 seconds. Harper lost his 2nd place to Hodson on this faster part of the race.

At the finish Batt had a lead of 1m59s over Hodson and the next two riders, who all were within 30 seconds of each other. Hodson rode an outstanding time of 1h1m25s for second place. Harper was only 9 seconds back for 3rd with 1h1m34s, and Fletcher was close as well, only a further 25seconds back at 1h1m59s.

The sealed handicap and Verhey Cup went to Hodson, who significantly outperformed his expected handicap of 8 min. with a time of 53m25s. Verhoef, on 5 minutes, got second with 57m39s, ahead of Mike Murphey (on 6min) with 58m40s.

The 16km race for the junior riders was won by Andrew Bidwell in a time of 24m45s, Greg Baunton was second with 25m01s, just 9 seconds ahead of Sam Morgan with 25m10s. For the sealed handicap section the order was reversed, with Morgan, on a 1m handicap, winning by 21s over Baunton (30s), and Bidwell (of scratch).

 This weekend racing is around the Tua Marina / Neal Road area, with graded races over 5, 4, or 3 laps of the 11km long circuit.

Results:Open Grade 40km: Fastest Time and Vincent Cup 1. Nick Batt, 59m26s (40.4 km/hr); 2. Dylan Hodson, 61m25s; 3. Craig Harper, 61m34s; 4. Martin Fletcher, 61m59s; 5. Ben Verhoef, 62m39s; 6. Mike Murphy, 64m40s; 7. Graham Mitchell, 68m23s; 8. Merrick Thompson, 69m53s; 9. Marie Peart, 70m42s;

Sealed Handicap and Verhey Cup: 1. D Hodson (8m), 53m25s; 2. B Verhoef (5m), 57m39s; 3. M Murphy (6m), 58m40s; 4. M Fletcher (3m), 58m59s; 5. N Batt (scr), 59m26s; 6. C Harper (2m), 59m34s; 7. G Mitchell (8m), 60m23s; 8. M Thompson (9m), 60m53s; 9. M Peart (9m), 61m42s;

U-17 Juniors 16km: Fastest Time:1. Andrew Bidwell, 24m45s; 2. Greg Baunton, 25m01s; 3. Sam Morgan, 25m10s; 4. Adam Bidwell, 30m19s; 5. Katie Batt, 30m23s; 6. Stacey Mitchell, 33m08s;

Sealed Handicap: 1. S Morgan (1m), 24m10s; 2. G Baunton (30s), 24m31s; 3. And. Bidwell (scr), 24m45s; 4. Ad. Bidwell (4m15s), 26m19s; 5. K Batt (3m30s), 26m53s; 6. S Mitchell (3m30s), 28m53s;