Henderson Brothers / Dooley Cups time trials 8 October 2016

The 11th race of the Cuddon Cycling Marlborough winter / spring series was held last Saturday on the Northbank Road. The Henderson Brothers and Dooley Cups were up for grabs in time trial races over 51km (30 miles) and 16km (10 miles). A strong headwind on the way out made it tough for the riders, but is was the return journey that made the biggest differences.

Scratch rider Nick Batt started strong and was up by about 1m20s on Dylan Hodson at the halfway turn, however he started to fade towards the end and at about 10km to go this was reduced to 30seconds. In the end Batt was still holding a 10second advantage over Hodson, good enough for the win in 1hr17m flat. Craig Harper did well with a his bike in a traditional road set up -not time trial specific- with an overall time of 1hr21m44s for 3rd place, some 40seconds ahead of Mike Murphy.

Merrick Thompson made the most of his 12m handicap to take this section out, with Hodson (on a 2min handicap) again in second place. At the turn all riders were holding their own very well, taking the handicaps into account they were all within 1m15s of each other, with Batt leading. At the end of the 51km this had however spread out to just on 4 minutes.

In the short course race Caitlin Murphy did well in her first appearance in this race, finishing in 42m56s and getting the Dooley Cup for her efforts.

Results: 51km: Fastest Time: 1,Nick Batt 1hr17m00s; 2, Dylan Hodson hr17m10s; 3, Craig Harper 1hr21m44s; 4, Mike Murphy 1hr22m23s; 6, Rhonda Murphy 1hr24m33s; 7, Merrick Thompson 1hr25m44s

Handicap: 1, M. Thompson 1hr13m44s (off 12m); 2, D. Hodson 1hr15m10s (2m); 3, M. Murphy 1hr16m23s (6m); 4, R. Murphy 1hr16m33s (8m); 5, N. Batt 1hr17m00s (scr); 7, C. Harper 1hr17m44s (4m)

16km: Dooley Cup: 1 Caitlin Murphy 42m56s