Geddes Memorial Cup 2 up Time Trial. 17th September 2016

Martin Fletcher and Dylan Hodson proved a successful combination in the 2-up time trial run by Cuddon Cycling Marlborough on Saturday in the 9th race of the winter / spring series. The 40km event for the Geddes Memorial Cups was run up the Wairau Valley and return.

Fletcher and Hodson, both established time trial riders, got to the 20km turn point in 28m19sec, which was the smallest margins of 4 seconds over Nick Batt, another strong time trial rider who was riding on his own. They then solidly built on this effort on the way back, into the headwind to finish in 56m32s, 1m30s ahead of Batt.

The other 2 teams in the race, Mike Murphy riding with Matt Marshall and Marie Peart / Merrick Thompson, were close to each other as well at the turn point, with a mere 10 seconds separation, but about 3 minutes behind the faster teams. Again the return leg proved the hardest, with Murphy / Marshall running away to be ahead by about 2m30s at the end, for a finishing time of 61m46s.

The handicap cup went to the Fletcher/Hodson team as well, with Batt, on a 1 minute handicap, 30 seconds behind. Peart/Thompson (on 6m), got in third with 58m13s, 33seconds  ahead of Murphy/Marshall (3m) with 58m46s.

Next Saturday's event is the Okaramio Hotel Challenge Trophy run on the Northbank Road - out and back.

Results 40km Fastest time:1, Martyn Fletcher/Dylan Hodson 56m32s; 2, Nick Batt 58m02s; 3, Mike Murphy/Matt Marshall 61m46s; 4, Marie Peart/Merrick Thompson 64m13s.

Handicap: 1, M. Fletcher/D. Hudson (scr) 56m32s; 2, N. Batt (1m) 57m02s; 3, M. Peart/M. Thompson (6m) 58m13s; 4, M. Murphy/M. Marshall (3m) 58m46s;