2015 Cuddon Cycling Marlborough Winter Series Results




Trophy Winners


11-July Opening Day Cup & Vincent Shield

Vincent Shield - Hugh Trollop

Open Day Cup - Shaun Woods

Results Vincent Shield 11.7.2015.pdf

Results Opening Day Cup 11.7.2015.pdf

18-July Funnell Trophy & James Brothers Cup

Funnell Trophy - Luc Cowley

James Brothers Cup - Niels van Antwerpen

Results Funnell Trophy 18.7.2015.pdf

Results James Bros. Trophy 18.7.2015.pdf

 25-July Anderson Rosebowl & Keighley Cup

Anderson Rosebowl - Ethan Batt

Keighley Cup - Shaun Woods

Results Anderson Rosebowl 25.7.15.pdf

Results Keighley Cup 25.7.2015.pdf

 1-August Vincent Cup Time trial Vincent Cup - Ray Dunstan

Results Vincent Cup 1.8.2015.pdf

Results JU17 TT 1.8.2015.pdf

8-August Graded Lower Wairau none

Results Graded Lower Wairau 8.8.2015.pdf

15-August 2 Stage Hawkesbury none

Results Two Stage Hawkesbury 15.08.2015.pdf

2 Stage Hawksbury Race Report

22- August Van Antwerpen Trophies

Van Antwerpen Trophy (FT 43km) - Gerard Van Antwerpen

Van Antwerpen Trophy (HC 43km) - Merrick Thompson

Sincock Trophy (FT 29km) - Callum Caughey

Amptman Trophy (HC 29km) - Bruce Moran

Van Antwerpen Race Results - 22 August 2015

5-September Interclub Race vs Tasman Wheelers TBC

Interclub Race Report and Results 5 September 2015

12- September Graded Lower Wairau none

Results Graded Lower Wairau 12.09.2015.pdf

 19 September Geddes Memorial Cup 40km 2upTT Geddes Memorial Cup (FT) - Mitchell Mol and Ray Dunstan

Results Geddes Memorial 2upTT 19.09.15.pdf

Results 2up TT Ju17 19.09.15.pdf

3-October Taylor Pass none

Results Taylor Pass HC 3.10.2015.pdf

10-October Taylor Pass none

Results Talor Pass HC 10.10.2015.pdf

17- October Henderson Brothers Dooley Cup TT

Henderson Bros - Sean O'Neal

Dooley Cups - Niels Van Antwerpen

Results Henderson Bros TT and Dooley Cup 17.10.15.pdf