2014 Tour Results

August 30th, 2014

You can find the results for this years tour on The Timing Team website.

Geddes Memorial Two-Up Time Trial

August 28th, 2014

Race 7 of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweathers Winter series was held last weekend with the Geddes Memorial Two-Up Time Trial events on SH63 between Renwick and Wairau Valley Township. The long course of 40km and the short course of 20km saw some good numbers of two-rider teams entering, and in a repeat of the last several weekends, conditions were ideal with just a light north easterly breeze building during the racing to provide a headwind on the homeward leg.

The duo of Jeremy McKenzie and Josh Scott proved to be in a field of their own taking out the long course distance in a time of 54m50s and claiming the Geddes Memorial Trophy. Father and Daughter pairing of Tony and Georgia Catterick rode well to take second place in 56m57s, followed by Sean O’Neill and Craig Harper in third with 57m16s.

The short course similarly was taken out by a strong team comprising Mark Grammer and Thomas Westend who recorded a time of 27m50s. Niels van Antwerpen and Callum Caughey took a surprise second placing with 29m57s over Hugh Trollope and Zac Mortimer who recorded 30m01s.


Long Course 40km – J McKenzie/J Scott 54m50s 1, T Catterick/G Catterick 56m57s 2, S O’Neill/C Harper 57m16s 3, D MacKenzie/B Verhoef 59m16s 4, M Fletcher/M Murphy 59m48s 5.

Short Course 20km – M Grammer/T Westend 27m50s 1, N van Antwerpen/C Caughey 29m57s 2, H Trollope/Zac Mortimer 30m01s 3, C Grammer/J Greer 31m05s 4, S Morgan/S Woods 31m29s 5.

Two Day Tour

August 19th, 2014

Entries are now closed for the upcoming tour. You can find a link to the only entry form on the Entries Page and general tour information on the other pages linked at the top of the navigation area to the right.

Funnell Trophy and James Bros Cup

August 14th, 2014

Race 5 of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweathers Winter series was held last weekend with the Funnell Trophy and James Bros Cup up for grabs in the handicap format event based at Fairhall/Hawkesbury. Again, fantastic conditions were the order of the day with just a light breeze keeping riders honest on the downhill leg of the Hawkesbury circuit. A short hill climb up Barracks Road on each lap of the circuit also made life difficult for those riders who had been caught by the faster bunches to hang-on. The Long Race included two laps of the circuit while the Short Race included one lap.
In the Long Race the front markers (off 14m) rode well as a group and a strong group of three broke away in the last half of the race staying clear of the chasing groups to take the honours. Warren Hall carried on his recent good form to win the Funnell Trophy from David Hutcheson and Sam Durrant.

Less than a minute behind, the large break group (off 4m30s) saw a powerful sprint finish from Hugh Trollope to take fourth placing. The scratch group finished a further 1m26s adrift but still took fastest time honours by some 3 minutes. Tony Catterick pushed the scratch group hard in the final kilometre and held off to take a well deserved win.

The Short Race saw the front markers (off 15m) ride well to finish some 3 minutes clear of the next finisher. Sam Spencer sprinted in this small group to take line honours ahead of Hannah Morgan and Lucy Trollope. Fastest time and the James Bros Cup was claimed by lone scratch rider Callum Caughey with a superb solo effort.


Long Course – Fairweathers Winter series, Funnell Trophy, 48km hcp, W Hall (off 14m) 1, D Hutcheson (off 14m) 2, S Durrant (off 14m) 3, H Trollope (off 4m30s) 4, G Herkt (off 4m30s) 5, E Gordon (off 4m30s) 6, M Murphy (off 4m30s) 7, D Craig (off 4m30s) 8, M Gammie-Catterick (off 4m30s) 9, K Marshall (off 4m30s) 10. Fastest time, T Catterick (scr) 1hr07m26s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2, L Cowley (scr) s.t. 3, C Harper (scr) s.t. 4, J Scott (scr) s.t. 5.

Short Course – Fairweathers Winter series, including James Bros Cup for JU17, 27km hcp, S Spencer (15m) 1, H Morgan (15m) 2, L Trollope (15m) 3, B Lucas (15m) 4, C Caughey (scr) 5. Fastest time, C Caughey (scr) 43m41s 1, S Woods (1m30s) 46m22s 2, S Morgan (1m30s) 46m23s 3, S Batt (9m) 53m40s 4, A Straker (9m) 54m05s 5.

This Saturday 16th August, the Fairweathers Winter series will continue with riders competing on the Rarangi/Tuamarina Circuit with a graded format. Registration is at 1PM on Neal Road close to Isobel Place. This flat circuit race will suit the sprinters if the wind does not play a part.

August 9 racing at Hawkesbury

August 9th, 2014

A two stage graded event was held on the Hawkesbury circuits on Saturday as race 4 of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweathers Winter series. There was some initial doubt about running the race with the strong winds buffeting the region, however the Hawkesbury area was surprisingly well sheltered.

Stage 1 took the form of a short 7.2km individual time trial with the restriction of no specialist time trial equipment being allowed. Good times were posted in the respective A to D grades by Sean O’Neill, Thomas Westend, Zac Mortimer, and Niels van Antwerpen which saw them as the leading riders heading into the Stage 2 road race.

The Stage 2 road race provided some exciting racing as riders either sought to protect their lead from the time trial result or attempt to attack and stage a break large enough to swing the final result their way. The course included laps of Brookby and Hawkesbury Roads with a hill-top finish on Barracks Road. Grades A to C completed 31km, D grade 19km. In the A Grade Gerard van Antwerpen stole 14 seconds on leader Sean O’Neill to seal the overall honours. In the B Grade Mike Murphy forced a split and finished in the lead group to upset Thomas Westend. In the C Grade, although Zac Mortimer was pipped on the line in the road race by Warren Hall, he held a generous lead from a good time trial result. Niels van Antwerpen couldn’t be headed in the D grade and he completed the double taking both stages.


A Grade: Stage 1 TT Sean O’Neill 10m56s 1, Gerard van Antwerpen 10m58s 2, Luc Cowley 11m10s 3; Stage 2 RR Gerard van Antwerpen 50m54s 1, Luc Cowley 51m03s 2, Sean O’Neill 51m08s 3; Overall Gerard van Antwerpen 61m52s 1, Sean O’Neill 62m04s 2, Luc Cowley 62m13s 3.

B Grade: Stage 1 TT Thomas Westend 11m42s 1, Mike Murphy 11m43s 2, Jason Clark 12m05s 3; Stage 2 RR Mike Murphy 54m08s 1, Glen Herkt 54m14s 2, Merrick Thompson 54m19s 3; Overall Mike Murphy 65m51s 1, Merrick Thompson 66m40s 2, Matt Wells 66m48s 3.

C Grade: Stage 1 TT Zac Mortimer 11m55s 1, Callum Caughey 12m32s 2, David Hutcheson 12m38s 3; Stage 2 RR Warren Hall 59m03s 1, Zac Mortimer 59m04s 2, Callum Caughey 59m16s 3; Overall Zac Mortimer 70m59s 1, Callum Caughey 71m48s 2, David Hutcheson 72m00s 3.

D Grade: Stage 1 TT Niels van Antwerpen 12m47s 1, Shaun Woods 12m52s 2, Sam Morgan 13m32s 3; Stage 2 RR Niels van Antwerpen 42m39s 1, Joel Madsen-Clark 42m41s 2, Sam Morgan 42m44s 3; Overall Niels van Antwerpen 55m26s 1, Shaun Woods 55m40s 2, Sam Morgan 56m16s 3.

Anderson Rosebowl and Keighly Cup

July 30th, 2014

Junior under 19 rider Hugh Trollope sprinted to line honours for the Anderson Rosebowl in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweathers Winter series at Fairhall last Saturday afternoon. Another junior rider Joel Madsen-Clark took out the short course event line honours and fastest time double.

The Anderson Rosebowl 45km handicap event was run over 5 laps of the Benmorven circuit, starting and finishing at Fairhall Hall. An alternative short course 27km handicap event on the same circuit was run over 3 laps with the Keighly Cup up for grabs for the first junior under 17 finisher.

A high number of entries saw four good size handicap groups setting off from the start line. The 8 minute group (including Trollope) caught the 12 minute front markers quickly with the best of 2 laps remaining. These combined groups managed to just hold off the fast approaching 5 minute group to take to majority of the top 20 placings. The scratch markers could not bridge the gap and came in a further 1m 30s back.

A spirited late break from Rene de Ruiter (off 8m) on the finishing straight was shut down and the long sprint home saw Trollope (off 8m) prevail over Martin Fletcher (off 8m), Jason Clark (off 8m), Matt Straker (off 8m) and Andrew Gifford (off 8m) respectively. Back in the scratch group finish, Luc Cowley sprinted in that group to take the fastest time from Sean O’Neill and Craig Harper respectively.

The short course event saw the scratch markers come through the field late in the race with Joel Madsen-Clark winning the sprint from Sam Morgan and James Greer. The front markers (off 9m) of Sophie Batt, Lucy Trollope and Hannah Morgan stayed away until the last lap where they were caught by Fergus Greer (off 6m) and Anna Straker (off 6m). The Keighly Cup was won by Sam Morgan.

This Saturday 2nd August, the Fairweathers Winter series will continue with riders competing in a two stage event at Fairhall. An individual time trial for stage 1 backed up with a graded road race for stage 2 will make for some interesting racing with the restriction of no specialist time trial equipment being allowed. All riders are to assemble at Fairhall Hall at 12pm for a 12.30pm start.


Open grade Long Course – Fairweathers Winter series, Anderson Rosebowl, 45km hcp, H Trollope (off 8m) 1, M Fletcher (off 8m) 2, J Clark (off 8m) 3, M Straker (off 8m) 4, A Gifford (off 8m) 5, W Hall (off 12m) 6, D Hutchison (off 12m) 7, G Henderson (off 12m) 8, M Thompson (off 8m) 9, R Murphy (off 8m) 10. Fastest time, L Cowley (scr) 1hr05m54s 1, S O’Neill (scr) s.t. 2, C Harper (scr) s.t. 3, N Batt (scr) s.t. 4, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 5.

Open grade Short Course – Fairweathers Winter series, including Keighly Cup for JU17, 27km hcp, J Madsen-Clark (scr) 1, S Morgan (scr) 2, J Greer (scr) 3, S Woods (scr) 4, B Moran (scr) 5. Fastest time, J Madsen-Clark (scr) 48m53s 1, S Morgan (scr) 48m54s 2, J Greer (scr) s.t. 3, S Woods (scr) 49m06s 4, B Moran (scr) 49m12s 5.

Dunstan Takes Championship Double

December 17th, 2013
Masters rider Ray Dunstan was in top form to take the double with first place and fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Open 80km Championship on Saturday afternoon at Fairhall.
The open grade 80km handicap event saw riders cover 4 laps of the Benmorven, Ridge, Godfreys Road course. The hot and windy conditions were testing with half the field retiring by the end of the third lap. The scratch group had added the 6min break riders to their group in the second lap and hit the front in the third lap. The leading 7 riders tackled the Ridge hill on the last lap with Nick Batt (scr) going clear to be soon joined by Dunstan (scr) with the remaining riders chasing hard. The leading pair forged their advantage out to 1min with Dunstan taking line honours with ease over Batt. Gerard van Antwerpen (scr) led in the sprint for third place from Josh Scott (scr), Mike Murphy (6m), Kevin Bishell (6m) and Sean O’Neill (scr). Dunstan took the Gibson Challenge Cups for time and handicap honours, the Savoy Trophy for first Marlborough rider home and the Masters title. Josh Scott took the Senior mens title with Georgia Catterick taking the Womens title.
The junior under 17 grade rode their Championship event over two laps of the course (40km). Neils van Antwerpen and Joseph Westend broke away from their 14m co-markers during the first lap with van Antwerpen riding clear on the final lap for a convincing win by 1m 38s. Westend held on for second place with just 33 seconds back to fast finishing scratchman Ethan Batt who took the junior under 17 title.
Open grade- Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 80km Open Championship, R Dunstan (scr) 1, N Batt (scr) 2, G van Antwerpen (scr) 3, J Scott (scr) 4, M Murphy (6m) 5, K Bishell (6m) 6, S O’Neill (scr) 7, G Catterick (9m) 8, M Catterick (9m) 9, M Fletcher (9m) 10. Fastest time, R Dunstan 2hr 04m 28s 1, N Batt 2hr 04m 31s 2, G van Antwerpen 2hr 05m 27s 3, J Scott 2hr 05m 28s 4, S O’Neill 2hr 05m 38s 5.
Junior Under 17 grade- Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 40km Open Championship, N van Antwerpen (14m) 1, J Westend (14m) 2, E Batt (scr) 3, E Gordon (7m) 4, H Trollope (7m) 5. Fastest time, E Batt 1hr 10m 25s 1, E Gordon 1hr 17m 26s 2, H Trollope 1hr 19m 53s 3. 

Club Champs Victory For Van Antwerpen

October 5th, 2013
A strong sprint home saw Gerard van Antwerpwen win the Cuddon Cycling Marlborough Club Championships in the final event of Fairweathers Winter series at Seddon on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 40km massed start event coverd two laps of the hilly Seaview course ridden in reasonably favourable conditions. A break on the first lap saw Tony Catterick, Sean O’Neill, Brent Harris and Van Antwerpen go clear with the rest of the field split into chasing groups. With Harris tailing off on the last climb the remaining three lined up for the placings. An early effort by O’Neill was a good lead out for the others with Van Antwerpen a comfortable winner over Catterick. Van Antwerpen took the Mills Cup for fastest time and the Masters 45-54yrs title, whilst O’Neill took the Senior Mens title. Just 6 seconds later Harris rolled in for the Masters 55+ title. Other open titles were won by Craig Harper (5th) Masters 35-44yrs, Nick Blakiston (11th) Junior Under 19 Men, and Rhonda Murphy (13th) Women. The Gleeson Challenge Cup for the sealed handicap went to Harper by just 9 seconds to Harris with another 23 seconds to Matt Wells in third place.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 20km massed start event over 1 lap of the course. The climb back towards Seddon separated the riders with Bailey Ford, a visiting rider from Nelson, taking the race win. The sprint home for the Junior Under 17 Mens title saw Christopher Grammer head off Jack Ritchie for the line honours. Grammer also took the Jowers Cup for fastest time for his efforts. Hannah Morgan took the Junior Undr 17 Womens title. The Drake Challenge Cup for the sealed handicap was won By Fergus Greer with 1m 19s to spare over brother James with a further 59s back to Niels van Antwerpen in third place.
Fairweathers Winter Series- Club Championships, Open Grade 40km Massed start, Seaview Course, Seddon, G van Antwerpen 1hr 04m 35s (Mills Cup + Masters 45-54yrs Sash) 1, T Catterick s.t. 2, S O’Neill s.t. (Senior Mens Sash) 3, B Harris 1hr 04m 41s (Masters 55+ Sash) 4, C Harper 1hr 06m 32s (Masters 35-44yrs Sash) 5, K Bishell 1hr 07m 03s 6, B Ackroyd 1hr 07m 50s 7, A Morgan s.t. 8, L Griggs 1hr 09m 04s 9, M Wells s.t. 10, N Blackiston 1hr 10m 02s (Junior Under 19 Mens Sash) 11, R Murphy s.t. (Womens Sash) 13. Sealed handicap, C Harper (5m) 1hr 01m 32s (Gleeson Challenge Cup) 1, B Harris (3m) 1hr 01m 41s 2, M Wells (7m) 1hr 02m 04s 3, M Straker (12m) 1hr 02m 22s 4, R Murphy (7m 30s) 1hr 02m 32s 5, L Griggs (6m) 1hr 03m 04s 6, K Marshall (7m 30s) 1hr 03m 10s 7, S O’Neill (1m) 1hr 03m 35s 8, N Blakiston (6m) 1hr 04m 02s 9, M Fletcher (6m) s.t. 10.
Junior Under 17 grade 20km Massed start, B Ford 38m 17s (Nelson Visitor) 1, C Grammer 39m 06s (Jowers Cup + Junior Under 17 Mens Sash) 2, J Ritchie s.t. 3, E Brydon 40m 22s 4, E Wells 40m 38s 5, H Morgan 51m 54s (Junior Under 17 Womens Sash) 11. Sealed handicap, F Greer (15m) 30m 51s (Drake Challenge Cup ) 1, J Greer (10m) 32m 10s 2, N van Antwerpen (9m) 33m 09s 3, S Morgan (8m) 34m 10s 4, S Spencer (13m) 35m 30s 5.  

Wells Sprints To Pelorus Cup Win

September 28th, 2013
Matt Wells outsprinted a large bunch to take the Pelorus Cup at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweather’s Winter series event at Northbank last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 60km handicap event covered an out and return course on the Northbank Road. Head winds on the outward journey saw the strong 5 minute break group of Ethan Batt, Brent Harris, Kevin Bishell and Nick Batt gather in the 7minute and 10 minute groups before the turn. This group then hit the front a few kilometres after the turn. The 16 strong bunch flew back down the valley at high speed with only 11 riders left to contest the sprint. A good lead out from Nick Batt saw son Ethan almost pull off the win, but was run down by Wells (off 10m) on the line. Harris, Bishell and Mike Murphy (off 7m) finished in the next placings respectively. Fastest time was also taken by Ethan Batt whose bunch headed off the scratch markers by 30 seconds.
Fairweathers Winter Series- Open grade, Pelorus Cup 60km handicap, M Wells (off 10m) 1, E Batt (off 5m) 2, B Harris (off 5m) 3, K Bishell (off 5m) 4, M Murphy (off 7m) 5, R Murphy (10m) 6, L Griggs (off 7m) 7, T Little (off 13m) 8, N Batt (off 5m) 9, C Murphy (off 13m) 10. Fastest time, E Batt (5m) 1hr 28m 39m 1, B Harris (5m) s.t. 2, K Bishell (5m) s.t 3, N Batt (5m) 1hr 28m 42s 4, G van Antwerpen (scr) 1hr 29m 09s 5.    

Record Team Time Trial Performances

September 26th, 2013
Perfect conditions saw record times at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Fairweathers Winter series team time trial event from Renwick last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 40km team time trial covered an out and return course on State Highway 63 turning just before Wairau Valley township. The calm and warm conditions were welcomed after a morning of heavy rain. Several teams rode with only three of the four allowed riders and some incredible times were achieved. The top combination of locals Tony Catterick and Ray Dunstan, and former Marlborough rider and Olympian Robin Reid motored to the turn in 27m 27s compared with Gerard van Antwerpen, Dylan Vile and Nick Batt in 29m 43s, and the Womens team of Michelle Catterick, Georgia Catterick, Rhonda Murphy and Nelson’s Britta Martin in a creditable 31m 05s. The fast journey home saw the Catterick, Dunstan, Reid combination record a course record of 51m 03s. Van Antwerpen, Vile and Batt also recorded a good time of 54m 59s, whilst the Womens team was the first ever Womens team to go under 61minutes on the course in recording a great time of 57m 48s.
Meanwhile, tomorrow afternoon Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s open grade riders will continue with the Fairweathers Winter series by competing in a 60km handicap event for the Pelorus Cup on an out and return course on the Northbank Road. All riders are to assemble at Forrest Estate at 1pm for a 1.30pm start.
Fairweathers Winter series- Open grade 40km team time trial, T Catterick, R Dunstan, R Reid, 51m 03s (Course record)1, G van Antwerpen, D Vile, N Batt, 54m 59s 2, M Catterick, G Catterick, R Murphy, B Martin, 57m 48s (Course record) 3, M Murphy, M Fletcher, B Verhoef (puntured), 59m 42s 4, M Wells, M Power, A Morgan, 63m 00s 5.